- July 18, 2007 -
Playboys Calling it Quits

317 Shows, 11 tours, 3 Albums, 1 EP, 1 7in, 1 Zombie Movie, 5,000+ Stickers, Countless #'s of Posters, 1 Broken Leg, Over 90,000 Miles, 4 Drummers, 200+ Chicken Fried Steaks and 50+ Pairs of Pants with Ripped Crotches later The International Playboys are calling it quits.  Captain Sextasitc aka "White Chocolate Thunder" is moving to a Boulder Colorado to start a money tree farm.  Our last show will be August 2nd at the Badlander with special guests Volumen.  Come see us play every song we've ever known plus more.  This is a gala event and the crowd is urged to dress up.  *Dress up and get down with the Playboys one last time!*

- March 13, 2007 -
New Shows

Hello all how are things.  Sorry we haven't had much to say lately.  All of us are busy with our own little projects.  We have some new shows posted so go to the shows page and then come watch the rock.  Also keep an eye out for the Count's new side project Rooster Sauce.  I love that damn name.



- January 03, 2007 -
Stuff and some shows!

Hi how you been?  Us we've been alright.  The International Playboys have two really cool shows coming up that you shouldn't miss.  Check out the shows page for more info.  On a sad note our favorite band in the world broke up last month.  No not us.  No not Euromotion.  Yes unfortunately The Spiders from San Marcos Texas broke up and we are very sad.  I'm sure they will so a reunion show next time we are down there but it's still damn sad.  So go to their myspace page and tell them to get back together.  Also tell them to make another kickass music video because the last one ruled. 




- October 23, 2006 -
Tour Cancelled

Due to my car accident we will have to cancel our tour to New York to play the CMJ music festival.  Sorry for all of you that planned on coming out to our shows.  Hopefully we will have another chance to make it out there in the future if they invite us back.