-September 14, 2006 -
Tour news...

Well this is the first chance I've gotten to give updates from the Cobra Blood Hangover Tour.  We are in Seattle right now but I'll tell you about the other shows first.  Spokane was the first town to feel the wrath of the rawk.  Mootsy's is a really fun club.  We were the only band which was fine with us.  Before we went on someone actually asked us if we were a International Playboy cover band.  That was a little confusing.  The people loved the rawk and I think we made some new friends.  Portland was next and really not that good in comparison.  I like the Tonic Lounge but the crowd kinda left before we hit the stage.  The best part about PDX was going to a BBQ with our label mates Gorch Fock.  Some how we had shows going on the same night.  Go figure.  We got to see some old Missoula folks there so that was another plus.  Bellingham was next and it was totally f'ing crazy.  The club was one of the nicest clubs I've ever been to.  For some reason that town has the best clubs.  We played with Bob Log III, Blowfly and No FI Soul Rebellion.  Holy crap that was crazy.  I've never seen Blowlfy before he's insane.  The stuff that came out of his mouth would make the "Dice Man" blush.  Bob Log was amazing.  He's the closest thing to god in that town.  There were 300 people there throwing beer on him and he loved every minute of it.  Also he didn't seem to mind the topless girls dancing next to him.  That brings us to Seattle and our first of many shows with No Means No.  It was great seeing those guys again and we do feel blessed to be on tour with them.  We played a great set to a huge crowd.  It's nice to see all those people in the crowd.  Our friend Tom Dewer made us some of the coolest posters ever seen.  NMN were amazing.  I can't believe I get to see those guys every night for free.  Well I'm sure I missed a lot of details but I'll add more later.  Keep coming back for more stories from the road. 



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