-March 30, 2005 -
The Rest of the Tour...

Well the International Playboys are back from These Boots are Made for Walking Pneumonia Tour 2005.  We named the tour that because we all bought cowboy boots on this tour and we all got pneumonia.  Pretty witty huh?  Well I'll start off where Volumen Squared left off.
Dallas was pretty damn fun.  We picked up Capn Sextastic's brother Lew at the airport.  He would be nicknamed Hollywood Playboy for the rest of the trip.  He stayed with us all the way to Chicago.  One day longer than he will have wished.  Anyway we played at the Curtain Club and it was pretty cool.  I don't think the sound guy liked us but everyone else seemed to.  We played with Mitra(ex speeddealer).  They were good and nice bro's to meet. We stayed with X-Ray Charles from Maltoro/Ghoultown.  Thanks again X-Ray.
                                         Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City was amazing.  We played with three Japanese bands and it was great.  As always Reggy from the Greendoor treated us great.  Gito Gito Hustler was the first of the Japanese bands to play.  They are an all girl pop/rock band.  Really damn fun.  The Count and I showed them some dance moves later on(none sexual).  Then there were the Spunks.  They were like a little Guitar Wolf.  Pretty damn fun.  The guitar player did a solo with a vibrator at one point.  Then there was the Electric Eel Shock.  They were just plain loud dirty rock.  The drummer was naked the whole set with a sock on his dong.  I drank some whiskey and the rest is a blur.  Thanks to Beth for letting me throw up at her house two tours in a row.
Not too many people showed up to the Lawrence gig.  It was at the Bottleneck which was a first time thing for us.  We played with Filthy Jim/Drunkhorse/Acid King.  I loved Drunkhorse's new stuff and Filthy Jim have definitely changed there sound for the better. 
                                           St. Louis

We got some BBQ on the way to St. Louis in Kansas City at Arthur Bryants.  It still goes down as the best meal on any tour ever.  That night we played at the Creepy Crawl with Guitar Wolf and a couple other bands.  The show was sold out and it was nuts.  As always Jeff from the Creepy Crawl made sure that The International Playboys had all the booze we could drink.  We hung out with Guitar Wolf in the green room most of the night.  He signed Capn's guitar with the sign of the wolf.  It's pretty cool if you get a chance take a look at it.  Anyway the show was absolutly nuts.  We sold shit tons on merch and got to see Guitar Wolf for free.  What more could you ask for.  Thanks to Joe Dangers Pops for the great dinner and place to sleep.

Well this is the entry you've been waiting for.  We got to Cal's bar and unloaded our gear because we couldn't park anywhere near there.  By the way Cal's Bar is about the size of my living room.  After unloading the gear the Capn and I drove around looking for spaces to park.  After driving around in circles for awhile we decided to bite the bullet and pay the eight bucks for parking a block from the club.  We parked right next to the ticket booth because we thought this would be safer.  So fast forward one hour later.  Danger comes out to the van to find that someone had ripped the lock on the side door completely out of the door.  None of the International Playboys had ever seen anything like this at all.  I don't even know what kind of tool it takes to do something like that to a van.  Anyway the rat bastards stole all of our bags which meant all of our clothes except for what we had on.  They stole Hollywood's kickass laptop and his videocamera.  They stole my favorite leather jacket one of my shoes.  They got the Capn's running shoes and glasses.  All in all you bring all of your favorite t-shirts on tour and those SOB's got all of them.  I hope that they get theirs asap.  So we still had a show to play.  Cal's turned out to be the nicest people of all time.  They passed a hat around that netted $200(thanks you Seth from the Nerves).  We played our asses off.  Cal's Bar goes down in International Playboys history as the best place ever.  Also Bible of the Devil played this show and the International Playboys would like to say that we love you guys.

Milwaukee was fun.  Ms Holly from Chicago decided to come with us for the show.  We had the room because Hollywood left that morning.  We played the Cactus Club and it was fun granted that we were pretty worn out from the crazy night before.  We got to see the Mistreaters again and David Mistreater was nice enough to let us stay at his house.  Thanks again David you da man. 
We woke up in Milwaukee and went to Target to buy supplies that the robbers had taken to nights before.  So now that International Playboys had new socks, toothbrushes, t-shirts, cough medicine, cell phone chargers and other things we could go to Minneapolis.  We played at the 7th St Entry and it was great.  It was the Midnight Evils CD release show so the turnout was amazing.  By far the best part about the whole show was this band called Gee as in Jesus.  They were a bunch of old fellas doing gospel songs about Satan.  Anyway I'm horrible about desribing bands but these guys were awesome and they could drink like teenagers.  I love that bar and can't wait to play there again.  Thanks to Sarah for letting us stay at her house and for introducing us to the Falafel King.
                                            Sioux Falls

The International Playboys played their first book store ever on Easter Sunday.  This was a fun all ages show in a town that we had never been to.  There were about forty kids there.  Probably twenty stayed to watch us play but they loved it.  By now all of the Playboys are pretty sick and we have been wearing the same stage clothes since Chicago because some bastard stole all of our other outfits.  So we stink pretty damn bad.  The kids loved the show and we definitely made some new friends.  Thanks to Super 8 for putting us up that night.
Fargo was great as always.  We got there really earlier so went and saw a movie(Life Aquatic).  Big Jay from Ralph's was drunk as ever and took care of us like always.  Le Dirty Frenchmen were great and that was about it for that night. 

The drive home was long as always and pretty uneventful.  At one point there was a hail storm with purple lighting but by after the rest of this tour that really didn't even make that much of an impression on us. 

So that's that.  Just so you know our show this Sunday with the Forty Fives has now been moved to the Front Street house.  If you have any other questions email me.



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