The Maneater, Columbia MO 10/02/2006
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Playboys serve rock straight up, with a wedge of lime
By Dave Marucheau, Reporter. Posted September 22, 2006.

If you happen to walk into The Raven coffee shop in Missoula, Mont., some late autumn afternoon, you might find beat poet hippies reclining in velvet seats under dimmed lighting listening to open-mic readings about harmony and peace while a few scattered college students play pool or finish reading assignments.

Go there later that evening when the International Playboys are on stage and you’ll find a cerebral cocktail of sex, booze and rock ‘n’ roll that pounds your temples. These boys are out to rock, and they don’t care what your grandma thinks.

Emerging from big sky country in Missoula of the Northern Rockies, the Playboys prove that Montana has more to offer than country music and fly-fishing. Their third album, Cobra Blood Hangover, is out just in time for their one-month U.S. tour, which began Sept. 9 and will hit a new city every night. This is Jet’s bigger, badder, hyped-up half brother that thrashes the prepackaged pop-rock tape and isn’t afraid to kick down the blinds to raise the gospel of rock. Straight up — these guys are good.

The album amps up from the start with “He Misplaced You” as it kicks in with gripping rifts from Cap’n Sextastic on the guitar and raw un-synthesized vocals from Monty Carlo that pierce the rafters. They’re here to burn the fucking house down and piss on the ashes as they rashly affirm their notoriety with “The Ballad of the International Playboys” in the next track.

Pick up this album and surge the speakers as you listen to Joe Danger flail and Carlo wail their way through Cobra Blood Hangover and be left seeing double after being intoxicated with the catchy refrains infused with Sextastic’s soul-driven rifts and The Count’s backbone bass.

Cobra Blood Hangover is simply irreverent and rude. They take the cluttered sound from their second album, Sexiful, that seemed to walk all over itself and transform it into 55 minutes of rock in its purest form. The track “Young Man Blues” has an energetic and relentless sound that is sure to leave your ears ringing.

These boys are just as relentless on the road, covering more than 80,000 tour miles across the nation in four years.

Let me say it now, circle your calendars for Sept. 23 when the boys hit the Eastside Tavern on their stop in Columbia, and be prepared to feel the walls rumble.

Hide your sister, ditch the books and forget the rent because The Playboys are coming to town, and they’re not taking any prisoners.

Artist: The International Playboys
Album: Cobra Blood Hangover
Genre: Rock
Record Label: Australian Cattle God
Most Listenworthy Track: 'Young Man Blues'
Reviewer's Rating 4 out of 5Ms