-March 17, 2005 -
The Tour so far..

    Well the International Playboys Sexiful Tour 2005 is in it's sixth day and the first five were pretty damn crazy.  First off Salt Lake City took care of the Playboys like they always do.  There were about 150 kids out at the Urban Lounge and they dug the rock big time.  The International Playboys like Salt Lake.  Then it was off to Denver.  The drives were long but the weather was great.  The Denver show was pretty good.  Not the best crowd but we got to see some of the old Laramie gang.  We played with Spangler and they rocked the shit.  Then came the drive to Albuquerque.  We some how ended up in the middle of the biggest snow storm in New Mexico history.  We had to stop every now and then and scrap the ice and snow off the windsheild wipers.  There was ice two inches thick on the side of the van.  Needless to say we didn't make it to Albuquerque because they closed I-25.  We found a hotel and got some booze and watched TV.  The next day we woke up to find out that I-40 was also closed.  Not good since we had to take that all the way to Amarillio.  After walking the ghost town of Santa Rosa for a couple hours we realized that the highway was open.  You would think that by opening a highway that would mean that the road had been plowed.  Not in New Mexico.  You couldn't even see the road.  You could barely see the tracks of the trucks in front of you.  Long story short we almost died but we didn't.  Cap'n Sextastic gets four gold stars for his stunt driving.  We ended up getting another hotel after awhile and set up a minature golf course in our room.  That's right the International Playboys bring there own portable golf holes and putters with them on tour.
    So after all that we are now in Austin.  We played San Marcos last night and had a blast.  The Playboys love the Triple Crown.  Volumen Squared is in town and will be a roadie for us for a couple days.  So all in all we are alive(barely) and Texass will never be the same again after this week.



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