-October 18, 2004 -
San Diego and the two days after...

Well after the miserable show in LA we thought that nothing could be worse.  We were right!!!  San Diego treated The International Playboys like kings.  We played at a place called the Tower Bar.  It was in the ghetto of San Diego or so we were told.  So far it is my favorite bar of the tour.  There were tons of kickass muscle cars  in the parking lot and tons of mean looking dudes with neck tatoos that went with them.  Everyone was really nice to us.  The bartender gave us a neon Sparks sign because he said it was too bright for the bar.  It has a guy drinking a lighting bolt on it!!!  Then to top off the night we played with this band called Lady Dottie and the Diamonds.  The Diamonds are a bunch of guys that we know from other San Diego bands(The Deere Johns, Love Light Shine, The Dirty Sweet) but Lady Dottie was where the band really was.  She was the most amazing soul singer I've ever seen in my life.  She must be at least sixty and she had way more energy than me on stage.  There will be pictures of her and the Diamonds when we get home.  The International Playboys love San Diego!!

After San Diego we drove to Tucson where the Morton's put us up for the night.  We stayed in there amazing house and ate steaks and swam in their pool.  It was good to relax.  Then we woke up and drove for thirteen hours yesterday.  Now we are in Texass at the Hickey compound where we begin out five day Texass tour. 

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