-September 19, 2006 -
Road warriors..

Hello all from the road.  Here's an update on the Cobra Blood Hangover tour.  First we will start with the Missoula show.  We had a great turnout for our home town show.  It was nice to see the No Means No boys rip up our place of business.  After the show NMN stayed at my place and we drank a $135 bottle of scotch.  We didn't drink the whole thing but we made a dent in it.  After going to bed at 4:00 in the morning I was woken up by Rob from NMN at 9:00 in the morning telling me that it was a beautiful day to golf.  The fact that it was raining didn't discourage him at all.  So I went golfing with Rob and Blair(sound guy).  Holy shit was that fun.  Next day we were in Bozeman.  The Playboys had never played Bozeman before so this was a nice surprise for us.  We had a great time playing the Filling Station which is really an old gas station.  Like always NMN ripped the place a new A hole after us.  Next we had the great pleasure of waking up at 7 in the morning to drive 11 hours to Fargo.  That was a good time.  The fact that it raining and snowed the whole way was even more impressive.  Fargo was fun but god knows I would never want to live there.  There was this amazingly drunk guy at the show that I think was also the janitor of the bar.  He did this f'ed up dance with a mop that I can't get out of my mind.  Let me just say that the dance floor was sparkling when he was finished.  Next we were in the great city of Minneapolis.  We played at the Triple Rock Social club and it was great.  That club is f'ing beautiful.  They had the coolest menu I've ever seen in a club.  There was an item on the menu called the Cook's Revenge.  It just said that the cook would make you whatever he wanted and that you couldn't send it back or make suggestions.  I took this as a challenge and ordered the bastard.  Wow.  What came out was a mound of food.  There was a hamburger bun cover in Macaroni and cheese, chili, jalapenos, hot dogs, more cheese and topped with sour cream.  It was actually falling off the plate.  Well the cook got his revenge this morning when I woke up.  I hurt.  Well that's that.  So far tour has been a totally success just like in a Michael J Fox movie.  Tonight were are in Madison and I can't wait.  Check back in soon for more wild and crazy adventures of the International Playboys.



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