-March 09, 2006 -
Tour so far...

Well one shower and three shows later I've found some time to do a tour update.  First I'll start off with Seattle.  We played at the Funhouse and it was awesome.  When we got to town we noticed that our picture was in the Stranger with a little write up.  So that helped bring out some folks on a rainy Monday night.  We played with The Valley and Fast Friends.  Both bands sounded great.  I especially liked Fast Friends.  Then we hit this crazy bar called the Cha Cha and after that went to a little after hours.  The next morning after we all woke up the Capn told us that we all had to do an Ab workout with him.  I think he's direct quote was "A band that does abs together stays together."  Wow it hurt.  Then we found this cool homemade sausage place where Capn was heard to say "A band that eats sausages together stays together."  Wow was he right.

Next we were in Portland.  We played at The Tonic Lounge.  I had never been to the Tonic before but I really liked it.  Word to the wise if you get the fries ask them to put the salt on the side.  I'm so not kidding.  We shared the stage that night with our old friends Book of Maps and The Ax.  Both bands I really enjoyed.  It was nice to see all of our old friends including our old guitar player Le Tigre Blanc. 

Next we made the long journey to Davis Ca.  On the way there we stopped at this place called the Covered Wagon in Sunny Valley.  Sunny Valley isn't really a town more like a village and the Covered Wagon well I'll explain.  It used to be a gas station but now they turned it into some sort of eatery.  We all got burgers of some sort.  The problem I had was that there was no grill even worse there was no oven.  They also sold Sparks.  We watched in horror as the kind old lady microwaved our 1/2lb burgers.  I figured that she cooked them next door in her "trailer" meatloaf style and then cut them into patties then microwaved them.  Well at this point all we can think about is Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  If we were eating human then it wasn't that bad.  I was glad to leave Sunny Valley all in one piece. 

10 hours later we made it to Davis.  Our old friend Charles from Milhouse put the show on for us.  Right away he told us that there was no door charge and they were going to "pass" around the hat.  Not exactly what a guy wants to hear after driving 10 hours in the rain and snow uphill.  To my surprise the hat worked and we walked out of there with a little money.  Also the assortment of steaknecks there seemed to really like us. 

So that's that.  I just took my first shower and I feel like $2.50 in nickels in my grandma's change purse.  We got Oakland tonight but first we are going to see a movie.  I hope it's something with Freddy Prince Jr. 


Monty "Sir Colin" Carlo

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