-October 01, 2006 -
Tour Update

Well I haven't had a chance to update this thing in awhile so here we go.  Columbia was a great time.  The bar we played at was called the Eastside Tavern and it was a sci-fi bar.  There were monster dolls and all sorts of wacky things up on the walls.  I watched this movie called Rock and Roll nightmare twice.  It might be the best thing I've ever seen in my life.  No kidding.  We played with Megazilla and Monty Carlos both were great.  Nashville was next in line and there wasn't much to it.  We got to see my parents new house which was really nice.  The show wasn't too good.  One of the bands we played with had horns on their van which was fun since we do to.  New Orleans was next and it was crazy.  We pulled into town to find out that it was Monday night football and also the first game in the Superdome since the hurricane.  U2 and Greenday were playing six blocks from us.  We got some good cajun food and then a bus hit our van.  Some city bus drove by and hit our side mirror.  It wasn't a big deal but they made it a big deal by making us sit around for three hours waiting for a cop and a insurance person.  In the end the city of New Orleans owes us $8 bucks.  The show was great and the promoter Lefty was a saint.  The bartender got wasted and yelled at the Count for not tipping.  It was sweet.  Next we had a day off which was nice.  We went to Houston and stayed with our friend Damon.  We watched once upon a time in the west and slept.  Nice.  After Houston we played San Antonio but first we stopped by our labels compound.  They have a pet goat.  Seriously our label has a pet goat in their backyard.  I don't have much experience with goats but I think this one was the cutest one ever.  Holy cow did that goat make me laugh.  Cap'n Sextastic got a new guitar and then we hit San Antonio.  The show wasn't that great but we made it fantastic by drinking lots of tequila.  Wow.  After a nice Hotel stay we headed down to Corpus Christi.  Holy moly is that place humid.  We treated ourselves to a nice meal of crawdads and shrimp.  We played the House of Rock and I loved that place.  They said my favorite three words when we got there "free case of Lonestar".  Eddie the promoter was super nice to us he let us stay in his uncles beach condo.  Not bad.  We woke up and went for a dip in the Gulf of Mexico.  After some wicked good BBQ we got to Austin and checked into our free hotel room.  Our show in Austin was sponsered by Camel cigs and they bought us a hotel room with valet parking.  I hope the Playboys get more treatment like that in the future.  The Austin show was super fun.  Camel bought 30 CD's and gave them out to people.  They also paid us really well and gave us 30 drink tickets.  It was alright.  San Marcos was last night and it ruled.  We played with the Spiders just like the night before and they were amazing.  I would play every show with them if I had the choice.  We played one of our best shows ever.  The Cap'n took a solo standing on the bar and it made my f'ing day.  Well now we are off to the exotic city of Dallas.  Who knows what crazy things we will see next.  Stay tuned.



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