-October 14, 2004 -

Sorry it's been a couple days since I've updated this badboy but it's hard to find computers on tour.  First off the Portland show was awesome.  That Sabalas is a real kickass club.  Starantula was great.  Nothing beats seeing Seantos sweating on stage while sitting in a lounge chair.  The after party is where the fun really was.  Drinking cheap wine in a jacuzzi really leaves you feeling great the next day.  That's all I'll say about that. 

Chico was fantastic.  We played Fulcum Records again and the kids loved it.  Who would ever guessed that political punk rockers would like The International Playboys sooo much?  Le Force broke down and missed the show so it gave us more time to rock.  We stayed at the guitar player from Gruk's house and the Cap'n and I witnessed some crazy couple fighting at three in the morning.  I guess you had to be there to really enjoy it.

San Fran was pretty great.  We played at The Hemlock Tavern with Le Force and an Oakland Band called The Mothballs.  The Mothballs were freakin' awesome.  I suggest you try and see them if you live in that area.  Otherwise we got to see some old friends and eat some delish Thai food.  So now we are in the Hollywood Hills waiting to play another LA show.  Le Force is on their way back to Salt Lake where we shall see them in two weeks. 

Keep on checking in for the jaw dropping details of The Sexiful Tour 2004!


Monty Carlo

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