-September 23, 2006 -

Well it's been a couple days so here's some more news from the road.  Before I start I have to mention that before the tour started we taped a picture of Bruce Willis up in the back window of the van.  It's an old head shot of Bruce from the Moonlighting days.  It's been getting some good laughs from the people on the road.  The other day in Minneapolis a car pulled up next to us and honked his horn at us.  We rolled down our window and the guy in the car said "Is that an old picture of Bruce Willis?"  It was one of those magical moments that you can only have on tour.  Anyway Madison was a  great time.  The High Noon Saloon is a awesome venue.  After the show we went out for some late night drinking with No Means No.  I didn't last that long but all I know is that we got home at seven in the morning and I didn't have my glasses.  Chicago was next and it was our last show with NMN for a week or so.  It was a super fun show.  The boys from Bible of the Devil showed up and rawked out in the front row.  Last time we were in Chicago we got robbed so we figured this time we would be fine.  Wrong.  After the show we went to get the van to find out that we had a flat tire.  Some how the back left tire had a huge blow out.  So The Count and Danger had to change our tire in the middle of Chicago at 2:30 in the morning with our gear sitting on the sidewalk.  Good times.  Iowa City was next and it was super fun.  I think the crazies have set in by now.  That happens about two weeks into the tour when you kinda lose your mind.  We got to play with The Miracles of God which is our friend Samb's new band.  They were fun as hell.  After the show Samb's wife made us a huge pot of chili.  I think some of the boys regretted eating two bowls of chili at three in the morning.  Last night we played with nine other bands in St Louis.  Yeah I said nine other bands.  What can yo do?  We had a great time and got to hang out with Jeff that owns the Creepy Crawl.  We woke up this morning to breakfast made by Joe Danger's dad.  It ruled.  Now we are going to Columbia.  Can't wait to play with Megazilla they are really fun guys.  Stay tuned to more wacky Playboys stories.



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