-October 26, 2004 -
Dallas/Denton/Ok City/Denver

Well five cases of beer, twelve shots of whiskey later I finally found a computer.  Where should we start.  Dallas was a lot of fun.  Keith the owner of the DoubleWide likes The International Playboys a whole lot.  The show wasn't the biggest of all time but we did have a good sweaty time.  We stayed in this skyscraper with this guy Jermey.  It had a pool on the roof which was awesome.  Also we had Chinese food at three in the morning.  There will be some gay pictures of us in that pool once I recieve them.  Jermey is going to put some of our music on a paintball DVD that he is putting out.  I guess it's the world series of paintball.  All I know is that they are making a couple thousand of them.

Then there was Denton.  Not too much to say about Denton.  We did have all you can eat catfish which was pretty cool.  The show wasn't the best turnout ever.  We saw Chris from the Riverboat Gamblers and that was about it.  The Starlight Desperation put on a good show.

Next up was OK City.  I like the Greendoor a whole bunch but it's tough to play a five hundred capacity room to only ten people.  This was the last we saw of the Starlight Desperation.  Good guys.  The after party is where it got really nuts.  We watched the Guitar Wolf movie Wild Zero and did the drinking game with it.  This consisted of drinking every time there was fire, some one combed there hair or some one said rock and roll.  Long story short I drank until I had makeup on my face and I was throwing up in the toilet.  Good times.

After a day off in the middle of Kansas we made our way to Denver.  We played a smokin' show and got to see a bunch of old friends.  The International Playboys like Denver.  Looker played a great set and then some other band played.  Not impressed.  Well I'm sure that I missed a lot of amazing details but you'll be able to read those when the book comes out.  Tonight we rock Laramie.



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