Roadburn.com Sexiful Review 01/27/2005
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The International Playboys - "Sexiful"
Motron Records
If this disc had arrived in my mailbox a month earlier, and I had done of 2004 list, it would have been on it. As it stands, it's an early contender for my "Best of 2005," provided that I don't succumb to list overload again next year.

What's so great about the disc? The International Playboys play raw, sex-addled rock 'n'roll. There don't seem to be any gimmicks, just five guys and a whole pile of killer riffs and catchy tunes.

The music is a sauntering, swaggering mixture of riffs lifted from Aerosmith, the New York Dolls, and AC/DC. The singer, Monty Carlo, I don't want to say he makes the band, but he somehow manages to sound like Bon Scott, Janis Joplin, Taime Downe, and the guy from Nazareth rolled into one. That's not to diminish the rest of the band though, as they absolutely rip.

What really makes the disc for me, is that the band has balls. How many bands would have the balls to straight-faced cover Gladys Knight and the Pips and Nazareth on the same disc? How many could pull it off? Very few. The International Playboys do it, and do it with style.