-March 13, 2006 -
Tour Update.

Well we are in Tucson right now and it's really nice.  Here's some updates for the last couple days.  On Thursday we played at the Stork Club in Oakland.  It was super fun.  The first band was called The Phil Specter Shotgun Experience.  They were great.  All of them were fifteen years old except the singer who was in his forties.  He was the bass players dad.  Anyway they were great.  The Mothballs played after us and I really enjoyed their set.  One of the funner bands we've ever played with.  We stayed with our good friends Jolene and Jason(Mothballs).  They live next doos to a cereal factory.  The factory makes wonderful cereals like fruity pebbles and coco pebbles.  Anyway you go outside the house and it smells amazing.  That morning we woke up and went to this place called Chicken and Waffles in Oakland.  It was one of the better meals of my life.

Next we were off to LA.  On the way to LA we actually hit a snow storm.  It was one of the more confusing times on tour.  When you think of southern California you don't think about blizzards.  Well we made it to the club alright and that place was crazy.  We've never played Mr T's bowl before but I can't wait to play again.  It's this little broken down bowling alley in the middle of east LA.  Who would've guessed it?  We played a wicked good set and got to see some old friends.  Capn's brother Hollywood Playboy was there and put us up again.  That night we drank ginger infused vodka while posing with Hollywoods Emmy.  I've never felt so LA in my life.  Good times.

Next we were off to lovely San Diego.  On the way there we stopped at the first Mc Donalds ever made.  The burgers tasted exactly like ever other MC D's I've ever been to.  We met up with our great friend Steven in San Diego and he hooked us up crazy.  If you could give out awards for bro's that have hooked us up while on the road Steven and his daughter Luna would have to have a whole room for their trophies.  We played the Tower Bar that night and it was fun as hell.  The first band was called Sirhan Sirhan and they were good.  Real loud which was what I was in the mood for.  After us this band called The Long and the Short of it played.  It had the singer from Tourettes Lautrec and the guitar player from Bartenders Bible.  I really liked this band.  I think the singer has four lungs.  Awesome.  I also want to thank the owner Mick from the Tower for hooking us up again.  Love that town.

Now that puts us in Tucson.  We drove all day yesterday to play a show for a couple people.  One of them was Capn's dad Don so it was worth it.  The Boss Martians and The Knockout Pills shared the bill with us.  We got paid $14.  Good times.  Today is a rest day which is well needed.  I went golfing with Don Morton this morning and it was great.  It's pretty funny seeing me crazy hair/mustache and all playing golf with a retired lawyer and doctor.  I got a couple looks to say the least.  Well that's that for now.  Tomorrow we drive all day to Austin and then the real craziness begins.  Stay tuned.



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