-October 30, 2004 -
The International Playboys Return!!

Well we did make it back from tour in one piece.  I would like to thank everyone that came out to the shows and put us up at their houses.  I never wrote anything about the Laramie show or the Salt Lake show so I'll tell you about them now. 

Laramie was awesome.  There were a ton of kids at the show and the old Laramie crew treated us very well.  The International Playboys love you Wyoming(except Casper).  Salt Lake was great.  We played with Le Force one last time and had a blast.  I beat the police trainer video game and was very proud. 

Then after the eight hour drive from Salt Lake we came home and premiered our first movie The International Playboys: Ghouls Gone Wild!  Holy crap did that go good.  We were worried about people coming and boy were we wrong.  We sold the place out and then some.  If you were there you know what I'm talking about.  We are thinking about doing a second showing because the demand is high.  I'll keep you up to date about all of that.  Anyway we are home and everything is great. 

Keep on reaching for the stars...  



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