Sea of Tranquility: Cobra Blood Hangover Review 11/30/2006
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International Playboys, The: Cobra Blood Hangover

Guys who call themselves Cap’n Sextastic, The Count, Joe Danger and Monty Carlo — and then include some of those names and their own band name in song titles — simply can’t be taken seriously. But The International Playboys don’t aspire to seriousness. Instead, these four swaggering knuckleheads from Montana get down and gritty (not to mention witty) on their third full-length album, Cobra Blood Hangover. Their bio makes a lot of presumptions, comparing the band to The Rolling Stones and MC5 — even though traces of both outfits can be heard in the garage-quality noise of “Mysterioso Furioso” and “Say She Don’t Mind,” as well as the fun country-tinged “The Give A Shitter Is Broken.” With the double-whammy earlier this year of getting signed by the Texas label Australian Cattle God Records (see what I mean about seriousness?) and playing a gig at the hip SXSW 2006 festival in Austin, Texas, The International Playboys seem poised for a reckless and dangerous future, ready to take that next step. Whether it’s on to bigger things or off a cliff, though, remains to be seen.