Sea of Tranquility: Cobra Blood Hangover Review 11/30/2006
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International Playboys, The: Cobra Blood Hangover

Guys who call themselves Cap�n Sextastic, The Count, Joe Danger and Monty Carlo � and then include some of those names and their own band name in song titles � simply can�t be taken seriously. But The International Playboys don�t aspire to seriousness. Instead, these four swaggering knuckleheads from Montana get down and gritty (not to mention witty) on their third full-length album, Cobra Blood Hangover. Their bio makes a lot of presumptions, comparing the band to The Rolling Stones and MC5 � even though traces of both outfits can be heard in the garage-quality noise of �Mysterioso Furioso� and �Say She Don�t Mind,� as well as the fun country-tinged �The Give A Shitter Is Broken.� With the double-whammy earlier this year of getting signed by the Texas label Australian Cattle God Records (see what I mean about seriousness?) and playing a gig at the hip SXSW 2006 festival in Austin, Texas, The International Playboys seem poised for a reckless and dangerous future, ready to take that next step. Whether it�s on to bigger things or off a cliff, though, remains to be seen.